If you’re looking for something fresh to break the generic pop mould, you need to give Kerensa a listen.

With a sound that will remind you of music’s purpose, Kerensa seamlessly shifts from dark and brooding to upbeat and satirical, all whilst expressing her integrity as an artist. You will find it hard not to connect with an artist that shows you such honesty.

Whether it’s in the unique vocal delivery, her willingness to write about challenging topics, or the unexpected sprinkling of sounds, Kerensa’s music kicks back against the status quo. Her music will leave you feeling refreshed. It will make you want to be a part of her world.

Whilst Kerensa is so individual, her music will never make you feel like it’s inaccessible. Built on a bed of synth-pop textures and contemporary grooves, her music has a film-like quality, driven by the strong narrative element in her writing. You’ll feel her music is familiar, yet so imaginatively different.

What drives Kerensa to music is her ability to help and connect with you.

Her 2019 single ‘Talk’, focused on sexual abuse, is testament to this selfless desire to help and connect. Whether live or from the studio, her music reaches out to you. If you’re having your best day, or your worst, she wants her music to be there for you. As she says, “thats what music is for; to help people”.

It’s rare for you to see so many elements of culture collide in music and be successfully delivered with such charisma. But that just embodies Kerensa.

If you love artists like Kate Bush, Everything Everything and Halsey, Kerensa needs to be your next Spotify play.