Although only a mere 22 years old, classically trained Kerensa has already become a fixture within the South West’s indie music circuit, performing to awestruck crowds in local venues and summer festivals. Complete with expressive and stylised music videos, Kerensa displays her fundamental understand of what her audience wants.

Kerensa takes inspiration from almost everything, from observations and objects to people. She’s mentioned previously that her motivation comes from her listeners. Saying that: “if a song I have written has made their day or helped them get through a hard time, thats what music is for, to help people; and if its then I’m doing my job right.” She believes that if you have the power to help people you should, and music is how she tries to help people. 

Her music room, in which she creates her haunting songs, is the epicentre of creativeness. Much like her sonics and persona, this cove within her humble flat has been presented with care and precision. Salt lamps and candles are dotted around the area, and every visitor is greeted with a cup of tea. Kerensa is not only well grounded but incredibly kind spirited. 

While her musical style is grandiose, it is apparent that being a musician is second nature to her. Stating that her elegance with music and songwriting “just kind of evolved from not sure what to whatever it is now”. It is this fearlessness with music that has morphed Kerensa’s current sound; theatrical, orchestral and daring to cross conventional genre-boundaries. A convergence that makes Kerensa’s music impossibly addictive, a starlet on the rise and one to watch out for