The acoustic version of ‘Mermaid’ was released into the world on the last full moon. I recorded this with Callan Croft, a wonderfully talented musician and producer, back in February. He’s also a lovely person with great taste in socks.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms.

Also, a little interview and some kind words about RGB were also published in Live Circuit Zine Issue #2, and I’m in love with how aesthetically pleasing the spread is.

Live Circuit Zine.jpg


After a number of technical issues and slaying two dragons, "Mermaid (For the Junglist) is on all major streaming platforms (and YouTube). It was such a wonderful and magical thing having one of my best friends remix a song that's so close to my heart. I can't imagine anyone doing a better job than this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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These three songs are very close to my heart, and I feel so blessed to have worked with Silas Blackburn once again to create these tunes. They have captured multiple sides of me perfectly, and I'm incredibly proud of this collection of songs. 

Paddy Hall, the wonderful human who used to draw and animate me designed the cover and came up with the name for the record as well. He knows me and understands my music well enough that he came up with the perfect name for it and I couldn't love the name more. More details in the "Release Extras" section. 

Since the release I've received more love than ever, and it honestly makes me so happy that the music I'm releasing has managed to touch some of you. I'm already working on new music and writing with other artists for future releases.


rgb cover end 2.jpg


Song: Kerensa Mason: Songwriting, vocals Silas Blackburn: Arrangement, production

Video: Performed by Kerensa Mason Directed by Jonny Pert Edited by Ilya Melnikov Written by Kerensa Mason and Jonny Pert Producer - Rachael Head 1st Assistant Director - Gabrielle Watson Chief Camera Operator - Jack Gould Production Manager/Steadicam Operator - Tom Pratt Makeup Artist - Kai Artlett  Runner - Hannah Jones

Mermaid: Single Out 31.03.18

My babies! I've finally got a date for you for the release of my next single, Mermaid! I'm beyond excited to be releasing this recorded collection of sound waves and will be posting little teasers leading up the the release. 

Silas Blackburn and I have been working on this track since late last year, and I had a few meetings and many conversations with Jonny, the director of Frinin and Bok about the video as well to make it the best it could be. The wonderful Kai Arlett also did my make up for one of the characters and it just looks incredible. A lot of work has gone into this single, not just from me but from a very capable team I'm grateful to have been able to collaborate with. 

The 31st is also when the next full moon is, and felt it was a fitting date as the song was written last year during one of the full moons. Spoopy.

Also, projectors help make some freaky photos, artsy enough on their own to be artwork covers....

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Photo credit: Belle Watson

Editing: Yours truly


New Sound Waves For Your Earballs Soon...

This little panda will be announcing an exciting single release date soon. The track has been finished and finalised, and a sick video has been filmed and is being edited.

Your earballs will be well and truly tickled by what I've been working on. My new material is very different to what I've released in the past, and I've gone in a totally new direction. However, this direction is one I've wanted to take for some time, and I'm incredibly excited to be able to express the hooman I have evolved into and am now through new music and visuals. 

An EP is also on the way, and I've been spending the last several months working with the incredibly talented Silas Blackburn to create an entire new sound I've been struggling to put into a genre. Why put something in a box anyway? 

The film company I've been working with, Frinin and Bok are currently editing the video and little teasers and I'm rather excited for what's to come! 


Oh Hello There, How Are You?

Greetings fellow humans or other sentient beings capable of using the internet. Welcome to a whole new chapter in the story of my musical journey. 

To those of you who have followed me since the beginning, thank you for supporting me for so long. To those of you who are new, welcome, and I hope you like what you hear and see. 

Animated Kerensa is dead. She drowned in the animated river. Non-animated Kerensa will be appearing on camera more, and she likes to play dress up. I can't wait to show you what's being created. 

Things are developing, photo shoots are being planned, songs are being written, and video ideas are being brainstormed, and soon the ideas that have popped into my head noodle shall be made a reality.

Until next time, 



May you be blessed with good tea.