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Mermaid: Single Out 31.03.18

My babies! I've finally got a date for you for the release of my next single, Mermaid! I'm beyond excited to be releasing this recorded collection of sound waves and will be posting little teasers leading up the the release. 

Silas Blackburn and I have been working on this track since late last year, and I had a few meetings and many conversations with Jonny, the director of Frinin and Bok about the video as well to make it the best it could be. The wonderful Kai Arlett also did my make up for one of the characters and it just looks incredible. A lot of work has gone into this single, not just from me but from a very capable team I'm grateful to have been able to collaborate with. 

The 31st is also when the next full moon is, and felt it was a fitting date as the song was written last year during one of the full moons. Spoopy.

Also, projectors help make some freaky photos, artsy enough on their own to be artwork covers....

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Photo credit: Belle Watson

Editing: Yours truly