Favourite Fur 


Apologies for bruising your ego

I didn’t mean any harm

It’s just

You appear to want me to submit

And frankly, I’m not here for your pleasure 

Tasted your blood and I spoke to the birds

They taught me to sing, gave me my way with words

I went to the king, but I couldn’t be heard

So now I’m their queen in his favourite furs

I was the sun, and you were the moon

I made you shine, made you shine, made you beautiful

Don’t owe you a thing, and I’m sick of your strings

Doesn’t it hurt baby, doesn’t it sting

I’m not here for your pleasure (x8) 

Choked half to death before I took my first breath

Poisoned my mind so I’d go slowly instead

Sewed up my lips, said it wasn’t my turn

Oh he hit ever nerve now he’s my favourite fur

Sat with my demons, they taught me to fight

Showed me my purpose something, so divine

Some of them left when they saw what I could do

And the rest of the stayed to witness what I’ll do to you

I’m not here for your pleasure (x8)