Imaginary Friends





Loves fur babies (as pictured).

Terrible at dancing.

Likes flapjacks, apparently.

Feels safe in giant boxes, because that’s totally normal.


Sad Teddy

Super sad, hence the name.

Used to be called “Barry”, but goes by “Sad Teddy” now so he can warn other stuffed animals of the horrors that await them after their owners grow up when they ask why he’s called “Sad Teddy”

Plotting his revenge against Kerensa and the fur babies.



Adorable in every way and has a thing for chasing/ hunting tree rats (squirrels).

Does not care for bow ties.

Bleps a lot.



Is brown.

Was gifted to Kerensa on her day of birthing so he’s safe from being decapitated because they have a bond.

Doesn’t care much for brownies, he thinks cakes should just be bigger.



Super chill.

Legit the chillest dog you’ll ever meet.

Can rip apart a teddy bear in 2.85 seconds.

His modelling career has really taken off since he was featured on the cover of Bath Life Magazine with Kerensa.


Ghost teddy

Also known as “Brian”.

He’s a ghost now.

Steals your pens the second you put them down.

Tickles your feet when they poke out from under the covers.

Hides your socks in the walls so you’ll forever have odd socks.

Evidently a little salty about the whole being a ghost thing.


Therapist Teddy

Didn’t get paid enough for this gig.

Wasn’t even in the main video, only the promo.

Wishes he got more screen time.

Demanded to be included in this.

His wife makes terrible crumble.