Kerensa stumbled into The Aura World one day when she was looking for crisps in the kitchen cupboard. She didn't find food but she did find Phyllis the ladybug, who seemed rather friendly and was also searching for food. Phyllis explained that she was in a world named 'Aura' and that they were currently in a place called 'The Paddy' They decided to go on a little adventure together as The Real World had become a little boring, and she kind of wanted to find out where her stash of crisps had gone. 

The pair soon came across a tiny cottage which belonged to Reggie, a rabbit who decided to join them on their journey because he'd run out of cigarettes and the local shop was closed. 

The little group of amigos soon found themselves stuck at the edge of the ocean and none of them were really up for swimming across it because swimming across the ocean takes a while. Thankfully, Paul the panda owned a boat and was kind enough to agree to help them get across the water on the condition that he could join them on their quest to find food and get Reggie his cigarettes. Reggie was rather happy about this and spent the entire boat ride trying to act out that scene from Titanic on his own. 

The group of travellers picked up Steve the pigeon and Garrett the friendly duck along the way. The pair were also trying to get across the water and had been braving the waves for days and were so tired they were just bobbing in the water like sitting ducks. Steve also wasn't the strongest of swimmers, and had been riding on Garrett's back for days. Yes, Garrett's just that nice of a guy. 

The group finally found land and decided that walking across the desert was a brilliant idea. Phyllis was leading them. Silly Phyllis. 

After about a week of travelling the group finally reached The City and went to an inn owned by Mikasa, the hamster. Everyone finally got some food and Kerensa told her all about their adventure and asked if there was a quicker way to get back to The Paddy, as she had heard a long lost relative, Gong Gong had taken residency in a pagoda there while they were on their way to The City. Mikasa informed them that they could have booked a very cheap flight there, and that Phyllis was indeed, very silly. 

Kerensa lived in the Aura World as she liked it better than The Real World, and was reunited with Gong Gong.

She never did find out what happened to her crisps, and drowned in 2017 in the animated river, leaving real life Kerensa on her own. Real life Kerensa now shows her face more and appears on stuff and no longer gets recognised as animated Kerensa at parties.